When it comes to sustainability, preserving your property is priority number one.

At Habitat Potential we recognize it is in the best interest of both the property owner and the environment to address property maintenance issues before they become an issue. Letting your property rot means replacing materials, hiring specialized labor, and is expensive to you and the environment.

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Preserving Your Property:

Using Mulch

Using Mulch

“Not all mulch is considered equal.”

Without the use of toxic herbicide, you can manage and reset

an environment of weeds with sheet mulching.


Here you can see a large section of landscaping cloth covering a patch of yard. On top of the landscape fabric or weed cloth is decomposed granite, commonly known as DG. This dense sand-like material is ideal for smothering the existing vegetation. Over time, it creates a clean canvas of earth with which to begin again.

Here we see Red Wood Bark that surrounds patches of DG that highlight the wanted native plants in this landscape. Red Wood Bark is a locally sourced red wood lumber industry byproduct and is absolutely ideal for covering unwanted vegetation. This mulch does not break down like other types of bark mulch. Red Wood Bark Mulch is also known for it's fire retardant qualities. The Decomposed Granite is being used in this picture to highlight native features that will be used to accent the landscape design.