When it comes to sustainability, preserving your property is priority number one.

At Habitat Potential we recognize it is in the best interest of both the property owner and the environment to address property maintenance issues before they become an issue. Letting your property rot means replacing materials, hiring specialized labor, and is expensive to you and the environment.

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Preserving Your Property:

Rain Gutters and Drains

Rain Gutters and Drains

A clogged drain can cause destructive flooding to your property, inside and out. However, it’s very preventable. If Habitat Potential visits your property, it warrants a check up on your outside drains and grates. Removing grates to get at the leaves and muck within is a task we’re accustomed to.

A clogged rain gutter or down spout can cause damage to the roof and sides of buildings. Sometimes removing overhanging limbs from your roof is a good remedy to minimize leaves and dirt build-up, which clogs drains.

This drain is so clogged it is inoperable. It's bound to overflow on the next rain. This one was filled with dirt and roots.

Containerizing dirt and spoils from any excavation project are a signature method at Habitat Potential. Specialized tools and persistence are used to carefully excavate inside the drainage box to function the way it was intended.

Here's another set of photos to show a clogged drain that's cleared out. This drain was hidden under ivy and have not seen the light of day in decades.