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Preserving Your Property:
Preventing Rot

When it comes to sustainability, preserving your property is priority number one.

At Habitat Potential we recognize it is in the best interest of both the property owner and the environment to address property maintenance issues before they become an issue. Letting your property rot means replacing materials, hiring specialized labor, and is expensive to you and the environment.

Keep the perimeter of your property free of debris and dirt build-up. Dirt, downed leaves, and organic debris hold and promote moisture. These materials accelerate decomposition when they build up at the base of structures and fences.


This house had years worth of leaf build-up that had gone unnoticed.


Note the fence’s foundation is getting covered in soil. Even pressure-treated wood and redwood will rot over time when it makes contact with moisture in the built up soil.


After some clean up, note the exposed perimeter. This allows drying and prevents future rot. 

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