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Founded by Consulting Ecologist and Naturalist Josiah Clark, Habitat Potential uses an intimate knowledge of Bay Area ecology to identify and maintain local biodiversity in the landscape. 

With sustainability, efficiency and mindfulness as our guiding principles we work to preserve both natural resources and built infrastructure.  

The backbone of Habitat Potential is built on years of experience in a wide range of conditions using skilled manual labor, refined techniques, and specialized tools.

Specializing In:

Native Plant Preservation and Establishment

Invasive Plant Surveys and Removal

Fuel Reduction and Tree Care

Bird Surveys

Wildlife Habitat Enhancement

Infrastructure Preservation Management

Clients Include:

San Francisco Natural Resources Division of

SF Recreation & Parks Department,

Treasure Island Development Authority,

Parkview Commons HOA,


Friends of the Oak Woodlands

"Ecology Based Solutions for a Changing World"

Habitat Potential applies a mastery of local ecology and botany to find the opportunities and challenges in your landscape.


Our goal is to create sustainable and beautiful landscapes while honoring native biodiversity and nature's genius.


"Josiah completely exceeded my expectations. Massive amounts of invasive plants have been removed from my 1/2 acre property. They've been replaced by naturally occurring plants specifically for this habitat. Josiah always takes time to explain everything he is doing and the reason behind it. He's also one of the top birders in California and an amazing naturalist. I have learned so much from him about botany, entomology, bird nesting preferences, and frogs and reptiles. As my plants mature, I will have a pollinators' paradise. One small thing I can do for the planet thanks to Josiah and his team."

–Janice, Bolinas CA

"A special page in our Josiah Clark file, here at the Mill Valley house, is a list he made for us some years ago:  species of birds on our property. This “bird list” is typical of what we learn about the Nature around us, just incidentally, each time we have a contract with Josiah."

–Steinbeck, Mill Valley CA

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