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Habitat Potential Nursery

Unfortunately the property that hosted the Habitat Potential Nursery for nearly a decade is up for sale and the nursery had to shut down! It was an extremely productive and thriving nursery, but the truth it was a huge amount of work and was never a very profitable nursery in the end. Ultimately, nurseries like this should have outside funding, as otherwise they are unlikely to be a viable business venture given the time involved to do it right.

Back in 2009, Josiah and a few friends began with a vision of supplying the Bay Area with much-needed native plants. It ended up becoming a habitat restoration project of its own. With the help of heavy machinery, they completely transformed the barren sheep pasture into a native willow riparian woodland. Through careful study, hard work, and dedication, it became a testament to the ability to revitalize a degraded habitat. Through the process, there have been an untold number of lessons about what it is to grow native plants, create native habitat, and organize a space for maximum efficiency. It became a thriving addition to the local ecosystem, complete with breeding songbirds, amphibians, and dozens of specialized native pollinator species.

In order to restore the nursery, we took the lowest spot in the nursery and accentuated it. We worked off the contours of the land for the purposes of watering.

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