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We will identify the conditions of your landscape – the flora and fauna, the infrastructure, and the challenges and opportunities. We'll tell you species by species what your greenspace is made up of. For each specific plant, there's a solution to cultivate it.

Establishing Native Flora
  • ​Native Plant Expertise

  • Invasive Plant Management (Ivy, Himalayan Blackberry, French Broom, etc.)

  • Organic Yard & Garden Maintenance

  • Planting Preparations & Sheet Mulching

  • Large Scale Pruning (Trees, Shrubs, Hedges, Bushes)

  • Chainsaw Work, Brush Cutting & String Trimming

  • Manual Poison Oak Removal

  • Exotic & Annual Grass Management (Ripgut Broom, Farmer's Foxtail, Pampas Grass, Erharta erecta)

Encouraging Desirable Fauna
  • Bird & Wildlife Friendly Gardens

  • Pollinator Gardens

  • Custom Bird Boxes & Maintenance

  • Responsible Bird-Feeding Consultation

  • Water Features & Bird Baths

  • Inviting Reptiles & Amphibians in the Landscape

  • Camera Trapping

  • Recommendations for Wildlife Challenges in the Yard

  • Maximize Biodiversity in Your Landscape

  • Custom Field Guides & Species Lists for Your Area

Preserving Infrastructure
  • Fire-Resistant Landscaping

  • Wood Rot Prevention

  • Wild-Life Friendly Rodent Solutions

  • Clean Rain Gutters, Drains, & Waterways

  • Erosion Control & Steep Slopes Solutions

  • Fuel Reduction

  • Green Waste Management

  • Dirt Build-Up Removal

  • Tree Care & Consultations

  • Gopher-Proof Vegetable Beds

  • Drought Tolerant Design

  • Landscape Management Plans

  • Perimeter Inspections (Wood-boring Insects, Rodents, Rot)

  • Invasive Plant Control Strategies

  • Fire Hazard Expertise

  • Nesting Bird Surveys for Hazardous Tree Removals

  • Forest Management Recommendations

  • Ecology-Based Landscape Solutions

Special Services
  • Memorial Tree Plantings

  • Donate to Plant a Tree For the Future – Protect a Tree in an Open Pasture

  • Gift Certificates Available!


We hold consultation specials every Monday at $175 an hour.

During a consultation, we'll go over: ​

  • The Local Conditions of Your Yard

  • The Biology of Your Yard

  • The Techniques Best Suited for Your Yard

  • Phasing of How to Get the Work Done

  • Infrastructure Preservation Management

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